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Conical twin screw extruder-made by Camel machinery

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Conical twin-screw extruder has a plastics mixing uniformity, high capacity, stable quality, adapt to a wide range of long life, PVC powder direct molding characteristics. Together with the corresponding die for molding and auxiliary equipment, all kinds of thermoplastics can be especially hard PVC powder, direct extrusion into tubes, plates, sheets, rods, profiles and other plastic film, can also be done modification and powder granulation process all kinds of plastics.
Conical twin screw extruder machine stable performance, at lower temperatures can make good plastics extrusion, cast aluminum heater mounted on the barrel, high thermal efficiency, heating up fast and evenly, and cooling fan configuration melt. Transmission part conical twin-screw specially designed, using a new variable frequency motor drive or DC motor drive, smooth operation, transmission torque, and high efficiency. By imported inverter or DC converter to achieve a smooth stepless speed control, high precision, energy saving. Conical twin screw using intelligent dual display digital temperature controller, high control accuracy and low temperature fluctuations, with overload protection and fault alarm, screw core oil circulation thermostat, the barrel oil cooling and other functions, and equipped with a vacuum exhaust quantitative feeding tube means and means.
Conical twin-screw made of high quality steel (38CrmoALA), adjustable through qualitative characterization, surface nitriding, polishing and other processes Seiko production, with precision characteristics of wear. Not only can sample processing, can also be carried out according to the special requirements of customers design and manufacture of surveying and mapping, and the old screw or bimetallic repair work, conical twin-screw improve the life of 3-5 times higher than ordinary screw nitride . Conical twin-screw screw the whole root may be a variety of "collar" and "kneading block" element freely combined according to different needs. Conical twin-screw fully reflects the use of flexible mutual degeneration, the economy, through the perfect combination of screw elements in the work can be realized on the delivery of materials, compression and exhaust, plastics, dispersing, and even self-cleaning effect of the material . Products undergo rigorous testing to ensure accuracy.
Conical twin screw using oil cooling system for cooling, barrel by special wind cooling system, Siemens PLC control system. According to user requirements of different formulations, conical twin-screw formulated most reasonable screw to achieve the best plasticity state and yield. Conical twin-screw high precision special digital screw miller, can ensure that each performance, extruding high degree of consistency. The first to introduce the most advanced variable pitch and depth screw design technology, so that the material in the screw shear, compression softer, closer to the actual needs. Conical twin-screw distribution box specially designed, particularly to increase the thrust bearing, imported bearing, drive high life, can withstand greater pressure extrusion. Conical twin-screw system to maximize the use of imported parts, it has multiple fault alarm functions, less failure, easy to rule out. Special cooling system design, heat dissipation area is enlarged, the cooling is rapid, temperature control accuracy up to ± 0.5 ℃.
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